Second training in Slovakia

Between 6th and 10th of April 2018 it took place second training for teachers tittled: The usefulness of precision agriculture techniques in various types of farms in the EU on the example of Slovak experiences. It was organized by SAPS Slovak project partner together with polish partner: Association Rural Development Advisors AGROPLUS.

During the training, participants of the training were presented the following areas implemented during the project:

  1. Presentation of the results of work progress in the area of ​​preparing the AGRO e-learning platform
  2. Utility of precision farming techniques in a plant production farms
  3. Extensive production methods – comparison of production methods and evaluation of the use of precision farming techniques
  4. Utility of precision farming techniques in a animal production farms
  5. Presentation of the GSAA system launched in the EU on the base of polish system and discussion on the potential of this solution in the management of the agricultural area.

The training conducted with the participation of the Slovak partner made it possible to present examples of the use of precision farming techniques in Slovakia. Participants of the meeting had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the organization of agrotechnical works and treatments on farms with crop and animal production profiles. Visits on farms allowed participants to get acquainted directly with the benefits offered by supporting production using modern work management techniques. A very interesting aspect was the presentation of modern breeding lines in a farm with an animal profile. The participants of the meeting observed how important it is to record all the events performed on the farm and how important is their analysis towards cost optimization. Participants of the meeting were also presented a new system of declaring applications for direct payments made available by the Polish Paying Agency. It was also very important to familiarize participants of the meeting with agricultural production on an extensive farm. They learned how important is the selection of plants resistant to diseases and not requiring spraying and advanced chemicals.

During the training, participants acquired a number of new knowledge and skills relating to the following issues:

  1. they learned how to effectively use technology in the area of filling out applications via the Internet using spatial geoinformation techniques – a new GSAA form,
  2. were introduced to the numerical filling of applications for payments using GIS,
  3. obtained up-to-date information on the status of the project and further steps.
  4. Familiarized with farm management methods in Slovakia, including intensive and extensive farms.

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