Development of technology gives a new perspective on the management and monitoring of agricultural production. Acquiring skills necessary for future work as a professionals in the management of agricultural production, will be a great asset. At the beggining partners identified the actual needs of agricultural production participants and its market, concluding that there is a problem of vocational training in this field, which allowed us precisely construct objectives, actions and desired results. Afterwards we have selected four partners whose profile fits perfectly with the idea of the project. The aim of the partnership is to design, develop functionality, software and create a ready-to-implement and integrate into the curriculum of interactive educational module in the area of farming techniques – specializing in precision agriculture and geoinformatics during 24 months. Based on it, we will introduce new methods and tools for vocational training, which will enable teachers and learners actively cooperate, in practice more effective and practical than conventional methods, as well as a more efficient.

The working methods include:
– Work Task,
– Conceptual work
– Developing solutions – building system “AGRO e-learning” with simultaneous verification of assumptions and system functionality;
– Implementation phase – providing an online platform for vocational education.

In the first stage we will clarify the task and establish the concept of functionality and usability of planned system. In the second phase will be to clarify the task at hand and to establish the concept of functionality and usability of the device. Then the project will be developed in the form useful for application in practice, assuming structures present in the actual site of the future work of students.

The summary will produce a uniform model of e-learning which will play a key role in achieving the goal of the project. The concept of project will be based on the interactive educational module, where the strategy of acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of precision agriculture promotes active forms of learning through practical problem-solving.

This will allow to achive attractive educational program, improve the work of teaching units, improve the quality of education, to raise the motivation to learn and work and to support the human capital which goes to the companies that use similar solutions in business practice and process of agricultural production.

The potential long-term benefits of such a project is the possibility of further cooperation and exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices. It is also exploring practical solutions in education, improvement of professional qualifications, establish contacts and develop or transfer innovation.