1.Academic Center of European Information and Education (ACIEE) – (PL – non-governmental organization) – role: design of needs and validation (with the help of all partners).
2.GEORGIKES EKMETALEUSEIS-Greek partner (GR – agri-food organization) – role: cooperation in organizing seminars and trainings, verification of the educational offer prepared for the AGRO e-learning educational platform.
3.Supporting Advanced Personality Solutions SAPS n.o. – Slovak partner (SL – non-governmental organization) – role: education and training resources and support for the development of a utility model for companies engaged in agricultural activities”.
4.RESTAMER LTD.-Cypriot partner (CY – IT company) – technical and advisory support in all aspects of designing and implementing an eLearning education platform.
5.Association for Rural Development Advisers AGROPLUS: Polish Partner (PL – Association) – educational resources and the preparation of the educational platform and the verification of didactic material.

Academic Center of European Information and Education (ACIEE)
The Academic Center of European Information and Education (ACIEE) was established in March 2003. The main objective of ACIEE is to support substantive and implementation of pro-social initiatives. The organization deals with labor market training, professional counseling, European volunteering, educational projects and the spread of environmental education. ACIEE cooperates with Polish and foreign organizations, promotes Poland’s integration with the EU and the Mazovian region.

ACIEE pursues its goals, among others. through:
1. educational, scientific and educational activities, especially in the field of promoting the idea of ​​the United Europe.
2. shaping individual and social attitudes based on the values ​​of the broader European cultural circle.
3. Dissemination of knowledge and acceptance of the idea of ​​democracy as a method of regulating collective life on the basis of constitutional legal order.
4. Action for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, with particular emphasis on the academic environment and graduates of secondary and tertiary education.

We are an experienced youth and adult education organization, active in the international field by organizing projects for a wide audience. ACIEE is a producer of, among others. Two Grundtvig partner projects, more than 30 Youth in Action projects. An important part of our activities are national projects (eg education and training projects for inactive and unemployed people (ESF projects under the ESF).

As a member of the National Rural Network, ACIEE undertakes a series of activities to promote activity, improve professional qualifications, entrepreneurship and innovation, with particular emphasis on the educational environment: vocational school students, college students and graduates.

ACIEE is also the European Information Point, that is, information and education about the EU.

Georgikes Ekmateleuseis is an institution from Greece, which promotes and supports international mobility programs, international meetings on topics of mutual interest, multiculturality and interculturality. Founded in 2011, the association aims at being a cohesive and dynamic space, creating educational, cultural, social and recreational projects that promote its mission, values and goals.
The projects and mobilities promoted by the Association are destined to every citizen, and can take place on a local, national and international level, taking advantage of partnerships and networks with other public and private organizations. Any citizen, regardless of age, gender, occupation, race and nationality can become a member of the GE.
GE works mostly in agribusiness and agro-tourism. It has a large farmhouse oriented to tourism and the cultivation of typical products such as olives, chestnuts and apples.
Georgikes Ekmateleuseis is an open door to new projects, where citizens and communities can realize their ideas and their dreams. Our structure is based on the work of our Human Resources, which aims at intercultural learning, through unpaid internships, language courses, training sessions, seminars and workshops, field trips, professional and cultural visits, corporate contacts and volunteer work, all in the scope of International Mobility Programs like Erasmus +, and free-time activities in the areas of sports, adventure and culture.
The association intends to contribute to the training of citizens through intercultural mobility, making them more critical, aware, innovative and creative, developing an entrepreneurial spirit which leads to active, responsible, supportive and participant citizenship.

SAPS, n.o.

SAPS, n.o. is a non-profit organization active in the field of non-formal education of all people interested in further education, acquisition or development of new skills and talents. The organization is seated in Prešov, Slovakia.

SAPS, n.o. realizes a variety of activities for diverse types of audience. Starting from the smallest units we work with individual clients and their specific personal development goals. Speaking of bigger goals, SAPS, n.o. is very active in organizing international workshops mainly financially supported by grant schemes (e.g. Erasmus+). Our workshops aim at provision of trainings, seminars and discussions on different innovative methods in teaching and learning. We focus on the group of young people, but the tools we create during the workshops and which are freely available (VALOR) can be used by adults as well.

was established in 2013 and successfully provides IT support for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe.
The main objective, as well as one of the key tasks of RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED is to establish long-term relationships with clients. It covers not only purely IT support, but also help in making investment decisions related to equipment, organizing training, building a network environment and services in the field of SEO. An important element of the Company is the area of training and organization of apprenticeships for young people within IT.

The main aim of RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED activities while organizing project design is committed to raising the professional skills of trainees, as well as increasing job mobility on the European labor market. Foreign experience is focused on improving the competence and skills of participants in the program, and the development of entrepreneurial attitudes in order to best prepare the technical and practical for their future profession. In recent years Institution participated in several education and training projects completed for internship in the IT industry, whose beneficiaries were young people from Cyprus and Poland. RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED cooperates in this area with the staff of experienced coaches who during the implementation of internships take full responsibility for the substantive and technical implementation of the project design, as well as support the youth and teachers in all operations.
The main areas of activity RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED in the area of ​​technical overlap with the proposed scope of the placement, the Company also has experience in such activities as:

– Installation and configuration of wired and wireless networks, network devices, network drives
– support in area of selecting, installing and maintaining hardware
– Installation, configuration, and mainintaining servers (SBS 2003, 2008, 2012)
– migrations of mail platforms from local and external servers to new solutions such as ‘cloud’ (Exchange Online, etc.)
-help with any problems users provided ‘ad-hoc’

Company provides its services both through remote connection (ie. Remote Support), as well as direct support on-site at the customer. RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED is a Silver Partner of Microsoft Inc.

The team of RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED has several years of experience in organizing professional training in all fields related to information technology, organization of conferences, seminars. Since very beggining Company cooperates with numerous local businesses and the Chamber of Crafts, Practical Training Centres, as well as vocational schools. This allows to organize internships and apprenticeships young people from the local labor market in a professional manner, at a high professional level and organizational level.
Responsible for drafting and strategic supervision over the project team during its implementation will be performed by Mrs. Olga Georgiades- Director and Chief Information Officer. Founder and owner RESTAMER CAPITAL LIMITED. She has years of experience in IT, project managment, training in IT.
Olga Georgiades is a registered Microsoft partner solutions in the field of “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions”.

Association for Rural Development Advisers AGROPLUS:
The Association of Rural Development Advisors is responsible for supporting our partners – farmers, entrepreneurs and local governments in raising funds from outside, mainly through projects financed by the European Union.

The Association of Rural Development Advisors covers the area of the whole country. We are an active member of domestic and foreign organizations with a similar profile of activity.

We have the appropriate material base (equipment, communication systems and software) and a well-trained team of experienced experts. In addition, we work with the Center for Rural Development at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.